Coverage across four continents

Six central points-of-presence (SuperPoPs) situated across four continents and housing are core infrastructure – including clustered media relays, session border controllers, switches, databases, routers and firewalls. All the equipment we need to get voices from A to B. See our full list of coverage.

Geo-redundancy & failover mechanisms

Each SuperPoP is interconnected with three others, while all of our core network components are also backed up in another site, with failover capability via the public internet. As a result, we’re the only operator of our kind to own a global VoIP backbone with full geo-redundancy at the network and application level.

Higher quality, lower latency

By directly interconnecting with one or more of our private SuperPoPs, you benefit from higher quality voice, better security and lower latency than public VoIP. Read more about our various interconnections.

  • SuperPoP Datacenter More Info
  • NYC, USA Digital Realty
  • LA, USA CoreSite
  • Brussels, Belgium InterXion
  • Frankfurt, Germany Equinix
  • Hong Kong HKColo
  • Sydney, Australia (media only) NextDC

Plugged into 92% of the world economy

Our network is interconnected in all the places that matter most, putting you in touch with billions of the most economically active consumers and businesses.

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One contract, flat fees

No need to mess around with multiple contracts or fluctuating fees. We made things simple with one global contract and flat pricing that doesn’t skyrocket as you grow.

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