SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – March 6, 2014 – Voxbone, the market leader in extending the reach of voice services internationally for carriers, cloud communications providers and enterprise contact centers, today announced that its services have been integrated into 2600hz’ cloud-based voice, mobile, and video communication applications. This integration allows 2600hz customers to deliver real-time, high quality, global communications via Voxbone’s extensive network.

As telecom API companies offer cloud-based voice, mobile and video communication applications, they need to be able to connect part of their applications to the telephone network using local telephone numbers (aka DIDs). Voxbone is the only telecom service provider that can deliver uniform international DID coverage in over 50 countries with online and real-time provisioning. Its speed of provisioning enables real-time API deployment for its customers and its high quality of service allows companies, like 2600hz and others, to efficiently connect their communication applications to telephone networks. Other major companies to leverage Voxbone’s services include Plivo, Aculab Cloud, and Deutsche Telekom’s Developer Garden.

“Voxbone’s services, combined with our real-time API provisioning, are a perfect match for voice application developers such as 2600hz,” says Itay Rosenfeld, CEO of Voxbone. “2600hz’s selection of Voxbone’s API confirms Voxbone is the provider of choice to connect the telecom API community to the PSTN. We are confident our position as a leader will continue as we further enhance our API to meet the needs of the API community.”

“Delivering a service from the PSTN is usually a slow and cumbersome provisioning process,” says Darren Schreiber, CEO of 2600hz. “With Voxbone, we are able to achieve real-time provisioning and a consistent high quality service on a global scale. No other vendor we considered was able to meet those needs.”

2600hz is a leading cloud communications company, providing services to over 20,000 users in both a cloud and dedicated installation environment. Customers include ITSPs, fiber optic network providers, channel resellers and mobile network operators. Voxbone’s APIs complement 2600hz’ own set of over 130 telecommunication APIs and services.

About 2600hz

2600hz is a leading provider of mobile and cloud communications software and services. With a focus on removing the barriers between users and their telecom systems, 2600hz makes it easy for customers to take control of large telecom infrastructures with simple graphical tools and network management services. The 2600hz platform also makes it easy for developers to create telecom applications with open access APIs. 2600hz customers benefit from powerful voice, video, fax and SMS technologies. Based in San Francisco, California, 2600hz is a privately owned company. For more information, visit