Voxbone Forms Global Entrée for  “Traditional” Fax to Reach Online Recipients

Brussels, April 28, 2009 — Voxbone, provider of worldwide telephone numbers and origination services for voice carriers, today announced that it has been chosen by Scendix Software GmbH to supply numbers, origination and conversion services for traditional, PSTN fax for the PamFax for Skype solution. PamFax, the prominent Skype “Extra” that allows users to send any printable PC document out as a fax and pay with Skype credit or Credit Card is tapping Voxbone to add inbound faxing as part of its launch of PamFax 2.0.

PamFax can be downloaded and installed for free to Skype users as a Skype “Extra” application. PamFax is available for Windows and Mac OSX users. Through Voxbone, documents faxed to PamFax customers on regular fax machines are delivered to the users of the PamFax portal as PDF file. The user is then informed by Skype Chat and/or email about the new fax.

Voxbone was uniquely equipped to bring several critical elements to Pamfax’s 2.0 offering:

  • An inventory of direct-inward dial numbers (DIDs) in 4,000 cities and 47 countries, out of which 27 will initially be available to PamFax subscribers to use as their personal fax numbers;
  • An IP interface to the telephone network that enables fax documents to be translated into TIFF or PDF data files;
  • An API for the automated delivery of these faxes to any software or website.

In addition to fax-in capability, the launch of PamFax 2.0 will introduce support for Macintosh users, the ability to send multiple documents as a single fax, a redesigned user interface and portal page, improved fax quality, and a lowered price for on-demand faxing. More on the PamFax announcement is available at www.pamfax.biz.

“An internet business like PamFax’s inherently sells to a worldwide market,” says Dick Schiferli, Pamfax CEO. “To offer the inbound side of faxing with the geographical range of numbers we needed, the reliability we needed, as well as an API for automated fax-to-PDF conversion, we really had only one address to turn to: Voxbone.”

About PamFax

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