Under One Contract, Carriers Can Provision Domestic and International Phone Numbers That Receive Text Messages, as Well as Voice Calls and Faxes

BRUSSELS, Belgium – September 28, 2010 – Voxbone, a leading wholesale provider of international numbers and call-origination services, today announced new, one-stop support of short messaging service (SMS) for its direct inward dial (DID) numbers.

By enabling end users with phone numbers in foreign markets to receive text messages, as well as voice calls, at local rates, the new function takes further advantage of Internet protocol (IP) networks’ capacity to converge voice and data. It also replaces a multi-step, multi-contract process for Voxbone’s carrier and enterprise customers.

Voxbone’s support of SMS is starting with phone numbers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Numbers in other countries within Voxbone’s 50-country inventory will be added in the next few months. Using the long-haul transport mechanism of Voxbone’s voice service, an SMS message texted to a DID will be routed to Voxbone, which then will deliver the message over its IP network to the end user’s provider for ultimate termination, at local texting rates.

Previously, Voxbone customers wanting phone numbers in foreign markets to accept text messages needed to go to third-party SMS providers, perform separate configurations and sign separate contracts. Through Voxbone, phone numbers can be provisioned instantly, along with all the services they might be dialed to deliver: voice, fax and SMS to date, and video in the near future, Voxbone CEO Rod Ullens said.

“On traditional mobile networks, voice and text messaging use completely different systems, requiring different switching equipment and different technical teams,” Ullens said. “In our IP network, voice and text become two features of the same number, configured once. Making it as easy as possible to add features supports our ongoing goal of helping customers get optimal use and/or revenue from their number assets.”