Leading European Provider of Expert Phone Advice and Part of the Vivendi Group Relies on Voxbone Inbound Service Numbers

BRUSSELS – Oct. 29, 2013 – Voxbone today announced that Wengo, provider of telephone expert advice, has selected Voxbone’s inbound service numbers to quickly expand its services internationally while cutting costs by consolidating existing service with Voxbone.

Wengo is a subsidiary of Vivendi, the French mass media and telecommunications company that owns the Universal Music Group, French mobile operator SFR and TV channel Canal+. Wengo’s consultancy services are available in France, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Its decentralized group of experts delivers immediate help and advice over the phone, by online chat or video conferencing in various domains such as Finance, Healthcare, Career or Legal Advice.

Voxbone is a licensed provider of PSTN telephone services in 50 countries. Calls to service numbers operated by Voxbone in all of these countries are delivered over Voxbone’s global private VoIP backbone to the customer anywhere in the world. Voxbone is the only service provider of its kind with telecommunication licenses, self-owned number ranges and local network infrastructure ensuring the best possible quality of service.

Choosing Voxbone enables Wengo to achieve considerable savings in overhead costs by consolidating its telecommunications infrastructure in all the countries in which it operates. . Further, Voxbone’s unique business model – in which customers no longer pay per-minute charges for international transport of calls – allows Wengo to save even more without compromising on quality of service. In addition, Wengo can open new service numbers in new countries, with just a couple of mouse clicks.

“We are excited to add Wengo to our rapidly growing base of customers active in the contact center business,” said Voxbone CEO Itay Rosenfeld. “Having a high-profile company such as Wengo relying on Voxbone for something as critical as its service numbers confirms that our unique business model matches the needs of the contact centers that have stringent quality-of-service requirements.”

“Voxbone is a perfect match for a company like ours,” said Alain Delhaye, CTO at Wengo. “Telephone access to our expert advice service now costs considerably less in terms of vendor management as well as in telecom expenditure. It allows us to focus on where we can make a difference: innovation of our services and geographical expansion.”

Wengo is the latest addition to Voxbone’s growing customer base in the contact center industry, including LiveOPS, Contactual, inContact, Telax and many more.