Certified Resellers to Serve Customers Spending Less Than $500 a Month in DID Numbers and Origination Services

Los Angeles, Sept 2, 2009 — Small businesses and individuals wanting international phone numbers to ring up their houses or their business phones at home have a new place to turn.

That’s because Voxbone, a leading provider of worldwide telephone numbers to communications services providers, call centers and multinational businesses, is launching a reseller program to serve retail-level customers it hasn’t supported to date.

Voxbone announced today at ITEXPO West 2009 that companies and individuals needing less than $500 a month worth of phone numbers and origination services will be referred to a list of approved Voxbone resellers at www.voxbone.com/resellers.jsf.

Voxbone’s wholesale customers lease DID (direct inward dial) phone numbers in Country X that make phones ring in Country Y; calls travel the international part of the route via Voxbone’s VoIP infrastructure. This sharply lowers international calling costs and allows calling card operators, telcos, call centers and other large enterprises to have 800 numbers, access numbers and simple toll numbers that customers in foreign markets are more likely to call, simply because the numbers are local to them.

For smaller businesses and individuals, the reseller program offers the same service at retail scale and telco-grade reliability.

“Customers needing only a few numbers in one or several countries no longer have to rely on multiple suppliers or unstable companies,” said Rod Ullens, Voxbone CEO. “Through our resellers, these smaller customers can now enjoy the permanence and reliability of numbers that we offer traditional wholesale customers.”

Benefits to Resellers

For resellers, the program represents a source of new clients and revenue; shows affiliation with an established, trusted provider; and increases visibility and SEO ranking through linkage with Voxbone. Once approved by Voxbone, a reseller is listed on Voxbone’s site together with its logo, countries of operation and other service specifications.

“Our relationship with Voxbone goes back many years, and its wide range of international numbers has enabled our VoIPtalk service to deliver one of the best- known, fully-featured business phone services in the UK,” said Tan Aksoy, managing director of Telappliant. “This experience has built the mutual confidence and commitment needed to be the UK’s first and only Voxbone certified reseller.”

Telappliant joins a starting lineup of resellers based in countries also including Belgium, France, and the U.S.

To learn more about the terms of the reseller program and apply for certification, please contact sales@voxbone.com. Current Voxbone wholesale customers wishing to become certified resellers should contact their account managers.