SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – January 11, 2018 – Voxbone, the Communications as a Service (CaaS) provider that supports giants and growing businesses with voice and messaging services in the cloud and via API, revisits the milestones it reached in 2017. With enhancements to its global network, extended voice capabilities and AI-driven business tools, Voxbone has furthered its mission to simplify the way businesses connect with their customers and each other.

The company saw usage skyrocket to 30 million unique inbound callers in 2017, from customers that include cloud contact centers, dial-in conferencing providers and other communications giants. During the Gartner Symposium in November, Voxbone announced it was directly helping medium-to-large businesses to further reduce their reliance on global carriers by introducing of a global two-way international voice service.

Earlier in 2017, Voxbone began offering local phone numbers across Russia and added a new point of presence (PoP) in Australia that slashed latency times for calls made in the region. While these steps further led its customers down the path of PSTN replacement, Voxbone also added something new to the mix. This year the company launched an integrated, AI-based speech analytics tool that give users automated insights from voice-based interactions including conferencing and contact-center calls.

“You can see us as the replacement of all your local telcos, in the cloud,” says Voxbone CEO Itay Rosenfeld. “Voxbone will continue to deliver carrier-level reliability with seamless, SaaS-like simplicity in more than 60 countries. There is simply no other such solution in the market and this unique offering resonates with our growing customer base. We expect to gain significant ground in 2018 as more enterprises cut the cord with telcos.”

To get a better understanding of communication trends for businesses in 2017, the team surveyed the average number of call lengths (lasting longer than one minute) from more than a dozen of Voxbone’s leading customers including conferencing services and contact center providers.


  • The average call length worldwide is 34 minutes and 49 seconds
  • In the United States specifically, calls last an average of 35 minutes and 32 seconds

Contact centers:

  • Worldwide, the average call lasts 7 minutes and 6 seconds.
  • In the United States, the average call length drops to 6 minutes and 50 seconds