SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – June 12, 2018 – Voxbone, the leading CaaS (Communication as a Service) provider, has today announced the launch of a game changing service, enabling it to become the world’s first globe-spanning local communication network in the cloud – a single-source alternative to the PSTN that finally lets businesses cut the carrier cord.

Voxbone has enhanced its Outbound Calling service with the ability to make in-country calls across 10 markets including US, UK, France, Germany and Australia. A rapid rollout is planned to the rest of the 60+ countries where its global telephony network is interconnected with the national infrastructure. Together, these countries represent 92% of world GDP, making Voxbone a one-stop shop for 2-way global business telephony services in the cloud.

The new National Calling capability lets businesses make calls across the entire national dialing plan in a given country, complete with local number presentation. This includes special destinations such as emergency and toll-free numbers that are not usually reachable via international calling services. Voxbone’s Best-Quality Routing (BQR) engine ensures that its customers’ calls are automatically routed in-country wherever National Calling is available. This brings the following benefits:

Improved answer rates – Local presentation of numbers in Caller ID without country codes is the holy grail for businesses attempting to reach international audiences, greatly increasing answer rates, customer engagement and brand relevance.
Full national reach – Local calls can be sent to destinations across the entire national dialing plan in a given country including fixed, mobile, national, emergency, toll-free and short-code numbers.
Carrier-grade quality – Our BQR engine ensures the simplest call journey from point A to B. When calls begin and end in country, there’s no need for international gateways – resulting in noticeably lower latency, higher audio quality and increased privacy.

Voxbone CEO Itay Rosenfeld said: “Cloud communication has done a great job ridding SMBs of their reliance on legacy equipment and plain old carriers. At Voxbone we live and breathe cloud – telephony, email, CRM, accounting – you name it, we’ve moved it to the cloud. But not everyone is an S or an M, some companies are L, XL or even XXL. And the public cloud is not for every business. Some companies run their own private clouds.

“The expansion of our Outbound Calling service is all about helping these companies – turning the world into one big local network with comms services easily managed online or via API, so businesses can easily cut the cord to their carriers and deal with a single provider that’s plugged in wherever they need to take the conversation.”

Highlighting the market need for the new National Calling capability, Vinay C, Head of Strategic Technology Partnerships at Zoho Corporation, said: “Local number presentation on outbound calls can help drive customer conversions through significantly higher answer rates. Local presence dialing is one of the most common requests from our customers at Zoho. The Zoho PhoneBridge platform helps all the major cloud-based telephony providers in the world integrate with Zoho CRM. As part of it, I look forward to working with our telephony partners to bring in this feature by Voxbone for our customers.”