Revenue up 38 percent, network traffic rose 40 percent over year-ago levels

BRUSSELS – Jan. 26, 2011 – Voxbone said its growth and market acceptance continued apace in 2010, with revenue and network traffic climbing significantly and customers indicating high levels of satisfaction.

The company reported that revenue rose 38 percent from 2009; minutes of use for inbound traffic grew to 2.1 billion, up 40 percent; the number of employees increased to 58, up 53 percent; and its core network experienced no downtime.

This growth reflected service expansion and strong customer satisfaction for the market-leading wholesale provider of geographical, toll-free and iNum® worldwide telephone numbers.

The rising demand from global carriers and mobile and fixed national network operators for innovative and high-quality inbound solutions accounted for much of Voxbone’s 2010 growth. The quest by these service providers for new revenue streams and the ongoing transition to VoIP are expected to further drive Voxbone’s success in 2011.

“ Last year was another very solid year for Voxbone, adding to tremendous progress in our five-year history,” said Voxbone CEO Rod Ullens. “We continue to attract customers steadily as we increase the breadth and geographic range of our services. Results of a customer-satisfaction survey were personally rewarding and help explain the growth trajectory that we see continuing in 2011.”

Ullens cited these specific accomplishments in 2010:

  • High participation and ratings in a customer-satisfaction survey. Voxbone received responses from 36 percent of customers polled about their attitudes toward the company. Nearly 91 percent of respondents said the quality of Voxbone services was “good” or “very good,” while nearly 90 percent rated the reliability of the company’s services as “good” or “very good.”
  • Introduction of one-stop support of short messaging service (SMS), enabling end users with phone numbers in foreign markets to receive text messages, as well as voice calls, at local rates. This capability takes further advantage of IP networks’ ability to converge voice and data.
  • Milestones in adoption and enrichment of iNum numbers. British Telecom, Belgacom and Verizon Europe began routing calls to iNums. Also, Voxbone added SMS services, as well as reachability through ENUM and SIP-URI features.

Voxbone’s plans for 2011 include expanding its local number portability coverage by raising the number of countries where it can port local numbers to at least 25 from the current 17. Furthermore, Voxbone will continue to improve its state-of-the-art Web portal by adding functionalities to the portal and the API and by giving its customers even more reporting and statistical tools.