Simple pricing that works at any scale

  • Starter

    from: $500 / per month

    Startups and small teams looking for affordable and flexible business communications.

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  • Growth

    from: $2500 / per month

    Companies with larger usage that are taking their business to new territories.

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  • Scale Up

    from: $5000 / per month

    Fully customizable. For enterprises with global operations and those whose business is communications.

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All packages include:

  • Flat-rate inbound calls on local, national and mobile numbers.
  • Pay as you go national and international outbound calls with best-quality routing
  • Pay as you go for inbound calls to toll-free numbers
  • Shared call capacity across numbers in different countries
  • Access to SMS capabilities on mobile numbers
  • Full use of our APIs

Add ons

  • National calls

    In-country calling with true local number presentation. Improved answerability, lower latency and access to the entire national dialing plan in select countries where our network is interconnected. The discerning choice for a complete local presence. Usage fees apply.

  • International calls

    Dial any fixed or national phone number in the world with our international dialing feature, available on our cloud business phone numbers in 40+ countries. The perfect complement to national calling. Usage fees apply.

  • Emergency calls

    Instant outbound access on your cloud phone numbers to local emergency services. Connect with the most appropriate public-safety answering point to ensure full compliance with business regulations. Flat rate per activated number.

  • SMS

    Two-way text messaging plugged straight into the national infrastructure of more countries than anyone else. Send and receive messages on our mobile and SMS-equipped geographical cloud phone numbers across 25+ countries. Usage fees apply.

  • Number porting

    A single automated process for frictionless porting in 40+ countries, no matter the number or location. Our porting fees are transparent and flexible. And we only cover costs. That means no hidden fees or padded monthly charges.

  • Interconnect

    If quality, security and privacy are critical to your business, you don't want to rely on the public internet to carry your voice traffic. Connect directly to our private VoIP network with a dedicated remote interconnection to any of our SuperPoPs.

Common Pricing Questions

  • Do you offer flat-rate or per-minute pricing?

    We offer flat-rate pricing for local landline numbers so you can receive as many calls as you have available call capacity without being charged any usage fees. Outbound calls and other add-on services such as SMS are charged at competitive per-minute or per-message rates. That means you know exactly how much you're spending each month ahead of time, so there won't be any nasty surprises in store.

    We can do this because we own our own number ranges and infrastructure. So we don't need to pass on escalating leasing costs to our best customers like some providers.

  • Do I get a discounted price if I buy more numbers?

    Yes. The more you spend on numbers and concurrent call capacity, the bigger the discount we can offer you. Try out the pricing simulator above to see what sort of discounts we offer at each of our pricing levels for the countries where you're interested in creating a local presence with our phone numbers.

  • Why do I need to choose my max concurrent call capacity?

    Call capacity is needed to ensure we can route voice traffic to and from your phone numbers. Without it, you can't make or receive calls. It dictates the number of simultaneous conversations you will be able to have using the same number. The more capacity assigned to a number, the more concurrent calls you can make and receive. It's that simple.

  • How many concurrent calls can my numbers carry?

    As many as you like! Because we use SIP trunks to deliver voice services via our private infrastructure and the internet, we can send as much traffic to each number as you need. We've completely decoupled call capacity from our DID numbers, so you can share it across lines – even when they're situated in different countries. And you don't end up paying for dead air.

  • Are there additional monthly fees?

    Aside from initial setup costs, flat monthly recurring fees are charged for each number and concurrent call channels. Additional services include extra fees, such as outbound calling, emergency calling, toll-free calling, number porting and SMS. See Add-ons above for all of these extras.

  • How long is the contract?

    Our standard contract is 24 months in length. Together with our flat rates, it allows us to provide you with stable pricing and the ability to project your communication costs in a traditionally volatile marketspace.

  • Can I change packages during my contract?

    We aim to be as flexible as possible in supporting the growth of your business with scalable business communications. It is possible to move up packages at any point and doing so will also secure bigger discounts on future purchases of numbers and channel capacity.

  • How long do I have to pay?

    Our services are invoiced on a monthly basis. Purchases of new numbers and channel capacity will be included in your next invoice after the date that the transaction was made.

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