What makes Speech Analytics great?

  • Increase sales

    Drive sales growth by identifying the most effective pitches, proactively warn your agents against common stumbling blocks and automatically identify when coaching is needed.

  • Agent performance

    Delve deeply into the performance and efficiency of your agents. Our reporting can form the basis for targeted agent training that optimizes call center ROI.

  • 100% compliance

    High-quality recording with transcription and language processing allow for automatic identification of sensitive data and even redaction on each and every call.

  • Enhanced experience

    Categorize 100% of inbound calls by root causes, such as product failure or incorrect billing. Use this data to create targeted operational improvements.

  • Metrics and emotions

    Speech Analytics allows you to analyze recorded calls with special speech recognition software to gather useful customer information in a simple automated way.

  • Automated reports

    Gain a fuller picture of customer behavior, agent mistakes and the phrases that lead to greater success. Use these insights to grow your sales and increase the ROI of your customer center.

Speech Analytics features

No PhD required. Voxbone's Speech Analytics provides a straightforward set of features and analytics data you can analyze yourself to find trends and take action. Start your analysis with a few clicks, check results on our portal, download to a spreadsheet, or use our API to create your own interactive dashboards.

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