• Cut the carrier cord

    We're the world's first globe-spanning local communication network in the cloud – a single-source alternative to the PSTN that finally lets you cut the carrier cord in favor of hyper local voice and messaging services in 60+ countries.

  • World domination at the touch of a button

    Order local, national, mobile and toll-free numbers from NYC to Werribee on demand our powerful online platform and flexible APIs. Want to launch in a new country? Add more numbers? Go for it.

  • We go to carrier hell so you don’t have to

    One world, one provider, one contract. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Our legal and regulatory whizkids deal with the paperwork and ensure everything’s above board, so all you have to do is go about your day.

Killer voice features

  • SIP trunks, not elephants

    Our global network infrastructure includes superPoPs that never stop on 4 continents. By operating a proprietary VoIP backbone, we deliver more uptime, lower latency and higher-quality calls.

  • Better coverage, better numbers

    We have numbers in over 9,000 area codes across 60+ countries. In every one of those countries, we’re either a fully-licensed national operator or work directly with a vigorously-tested partner who is.

  • Outbound Calling

    In-country calling with true local number presentation for improved answerability, lower latency and access to the entire national dialing plan in select countries. International calls to any fixed or mobile number in the world.

  • Instant & automated

    Automated ordering makes getting started as pleasurable as enjoying a delicious slice of cake. We know because we've untangled all the painful processes and ironed out all the knots. And baked the cake.

  • Shared call capacity

    Split your peak call capacity across as many phone numbers as you like, no matter how much land or sea separates them. It’s how we ensure you get maximum bang for your buck.

  • Bring your old numbers with you

    Breathe new life into old numbers with frictionless porting, available in 40+ countries. We navigate the tangled regulatory web to deliver one simple process, no matter the number or location.

Plugged into 92% of the world economy

Our network is interconnected in all the places that matter most, putting you in touch with billions of the most economically active consumers and businesses.

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Take your business everywhere in just a few clicks

  • Browse live inventory

    Check out precisely what types of numbers are available and the features we currently support. Get up-to-date coverage and pricing info by logging into our online platform or using our APIs.

  • Manage your numbers

    Set up numbers in just a few clicks. Configure the maximum number of simultaneous calls you wish to receive on each line. Share this concurrent call capacity across countries and continents.

  • Port existing numbers

    Why not bring your existing numbers to the Voxbone party with our easy-to-use porting tool? You can track the status of requests in wonderful real time through our online platform.

Hundreds of awesome businesses use our voice network every day

  • We're helping the Dialpad team kill the desk phone once and for all
  • Our global voice network lets 8x8 keep its head in the clouds
  • Zoom's conferencing customers can delight in the details with a little help from us
  • O2 Telefónica customers can speak to family and friends easier using our numbers
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This is where we prototype new and experimental enhancements for our core products. Play around with our demos and APIs.

One contract, flat fees

No need to mess around with multiple contracts or fluctuating fees. We made things simple with one global contract and flat pricing that doesn’t skyrocket as you grow.

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