Features to enhance your vocal range

  • 2-way SIP-supercharged voice

    2-way SIP-supercharged voice

    Get more from your business conversations with two-way domestic and international calls on the industry's best-quality and most reliable network. Make a favourable first impression with our Best Quality Routing engine, which automatically optimizes every call you make for maximum quality.

  • Local call presentation

    Local call presentation

    Give your teams the best chance of success every time they dial, no matter their physical location. Presenting local caller ID on outbound calls drives answer rates that are 3-4x higher, while in-country routing guarantees the best possible call experience for both parties – in terms of latency, quality and security.

  • Full dial plan access

    Enjoy full national reachability for your outbound calls in every country you operate. So your teams can dial short codes, emergency service and special numbers, as well as local, national, toll-free and mobile destinations.

  • Bring your own numbers

    Bring your own numbers

    Breathe new life into your existing phone numbers by porting them to Voxbone using our frictionless tool. We've navigated the tangled regulatory web to deliver one simple, seamless process – delivered via our portal or API – no matter the number or location.

  • Emergency Services Access

    Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Ensure the phone numbers and apps that your employees use are connected to the right emergency contact center (PSAP) when disaster strikes, for regulatory peace of mind.

  • HD-quality cloud voice

    Bring your business into the 21st century with the best audio codecs for crystal-clear sound and access points (PoPs) to our network in the countries you need them, for the lowest-possible latency. It's carrier-grade voice without the carrier fuss.

  • Experiment with our APIs

    Experiment with our APIs

    Give your developers the ability to automate the management of your voice services. In just a few lines of code, they can automate provisioning, configuring, porting and compliance, among other functions – how's that for operational efficiency?

Take the conversation further with Voxbone

  • Local, national, toll-free numbers

    On-demand phone numbers in 10,000+ area codes across 65+ countries. That's 92% of the global economy, just a phone call away.

  • Fully compliant in every country

    Fully compliant in every country

    We're fully compliant with local regulations in EVERY country we operate. It's the only way to guarantee long-term availability.

  • 400+ global interconnects

    400+ global interconnects

    Don't go to the source, let the source come to you. Our network has 400+ interconnection points around the world, so we're never far away.

  • Integratable with all comms platforms

    Integratable with all comms platforms

    Our voice services are platform agnostic, so they can be integrated with any comms platform, including Twilio, Voximplant and plivo!

  • End-to-end encryption

    End-to-end encryption

    We secure your call traffic and media with VPN, TLS and SRTP encryption. Rest assured you and your customers are safe from prying eyes.

  • 99.99% service uptime

    99.99% service uptime

    Our services are fully redundant and always on. And we're here to help 24/7. It's why 97% of our customers recommend us.

  • Best Quality Routing

    Best Quality Routing

    Ensure you always make a great impression with our automated call routing, which dynamically optimizes towards the highest-quality call route.

  • Detailed CDRs

    Detailed CDRs

    Download comprehensive Call Detail Records to analyze traffic on your Voxbone numbers over the time frame of your choosing.

Build the cloud voice experience that's right for your business

Build the cloud voice experience that's right for your business

Hundreds of awesome businesses use our voice network every day

  • We're helping the Dialpad team kill the desk phone once and for all
  • Our global voice network lets 8x8 keep its head in the clouds
  • Zoom's conferencing customers can delight in the details with a little help from us
  • O2 Telefónica customers can speak to family and friends easier using our numbers
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