From passenger matching and route optimization to self-driving cars, automation is revolutionizing transportation. With Speech Analytics from Voxbone, it can do the same for your communications – unlocking improved sales effectiveness and better customer care through actionable insights into your calls, delivered via a powerful API. Speech Analytics is the perfect way to quickly and effectively:

Grow your sales


How do you successfully upsell someone to a premium seat? Or encourage a customer to pay more for expedited delivery? Call transcription and keyword scanning identify best practices from winning sales calls. Conversation monitoring reveals trends and upsell opportunities to agents in real time.

Ensure 100% compliance

Passengers booking tickets or paying for rides share sensitive personal credit information (PCI). It’s absolutely crucial these days that you can ensure your business is handling this information in a fully compliant manner. Accurate transcription and phrase detection can automatically remove this from call recordings, saving you time and money.

Automate business processes

Transport companies need to constantly optimize their processes. Cut costs with lower conversation times and higher first- call resolution rates. Automate post-call tasks including follow-ups and call tagging for later review.

Enhance the customer experience

Are your agents comfortable dealing with frustrated customers complaining about a ride? How about someone who’s angry because of a missed connection? Monitor agent performance, ensure internal compliance and build personalized training based on keyword scanning and sentiment analysis to ensure you are providing the best possible customer experience.

Our API is integrated with the following leading Speech Analytics providers


VoiceBase for Speech Analytics Google for Speech Analytics Gridspace for Speech Analytics CallMiner for Speech Analytics

Getting started with Speech Analytics is easy

At Voxbone, our mission is to make global business communications strangely simple. And that extends to our Speech Analytics service. It couldn’t be easier to get started. 

  1. Set up a Voxbone phone line in any of the 60+ countries we cover and enable Speech Analytics.
  2. As you make and receive calls, we record them at the source – the interconnect – so you don’t need any expensive equipment on site.
  3. These calls are stored securely in the cloud, in full compliance with data protection laws.
  4. Recordings are passed to the appropriate Speech Analytics provider – we have partnerships with all the leading vendors, so the only integration you need is with our API.
  5. Calls are automatically transcribed in real-time, turning speech into text.
  6. Transcripts are analyzed, with reports and insights available via our dashboard and API.
  7. Check out more documentation on getting started over at our developers hub!

Speech Analytics from Voxbone

Unlock these features with Speech Analytics from Voxbone

  • Speech to Text: Automatic speech recognition in 100+ languages and dialects
  • Sentiment Analysis: Track caller/agent mood and tone across all your calls
  • Conversation Behavior:  Analyze talk-time ratios and interruptions to increase conversions
  • Partner Ecosystem: Instant access to leading analytics providers through our API
  • Real-time Reports: Supercharge your business with actionable insights based on your unique call data