Automated Ordering Of DID Numbers Through Our Voice API

VoxAPI, or Voxbone’s Application Programming Interface, is a web module that enables Voxbone customers to automate the ordering and configuration of DID numbers and channels.

It is a SOAP and REST-based web service that makes it possible to integrate DID number ordering and configuration functions with any front or back-office application. Communications between applications and Voxbone's API are secured through HTTP basic authentication over SSL.

API functionalities

  • Retrieve Voxbone's coverage and price list
  • Retrieve a full direct inward dialing (DID) list in an account
  • Retrieve stock for a specific area
  • Map numbers to capacity groups, channels and URIs
  • Configure codecs and allowed services
  • Retrieve a current account balance
  • Purchase credits for Vox800 and VoxSMS
  • Purchase or cancel numbers
  • Purchase channels
  • Retrieve Voxbone's PoP list
  • Check and track order status
  • Download CDRs
  • Manage regulation requirements
  • Enables white-labeled resale
  • Automated ordering and configuration
  • Access control and authentication security
  • Voxbone developer support

API documentation

  1. In-depth technical documentation for developers including examples of clients in different programming languages. 
  2. A WSDL (SOAP)/WADL (REST) file that provides you with the basic information to start coding your applications using our API.

Our documentation continuously evolves. Please check here regularly for the latest versions.


The API sandbox is an isolated testing environment that allows developers to test their integration with Voxbone’s API without any risk. In the sandbox, you can order virtual DID numbers, add virtual money to your business account and modify the configuration of your virtual DIDs.

The sandbox is only available for customers with an API-enabled account. Register for a free account then contact Voxbone to enable the API.