Voxbone Connect

Making Meaningful Interconnections

Interconnect securely with the Voxbone platform from 500+ locations across 200+ countries and all major cloud environments. Safeguard your conversations with a private interconnection, for enterprise-grade security and quality.
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Secure, Convenient Access to the Voxbone Network

carrier interconnect

Express Route Interconnectivity With All Major Cloud Environments

Voxbone Connect Benefits

PoPs That Never Drop, Right on Your Doorstep

PoPs That Never Drop, Right on Your Doorstep

Enjoy secure interconnectivity close to the source for low latency and max security, no matter your location. It’s easy to interface with Voxbone through any of more than 500 points of presence (PoPs) in 200+ countries.

Enterprise-grade security and availability

Enterprise-grade security and availability

Ensure end-to-end QoS with a dedicated private software or physical connection. Secure your comms with VPN, TLS and SRTP encryption, and enjoy long-term stability with 99.99% availability on our core infrastructure.

Geo-redundancy and automatic failover

Geo-redundancy and automatic failover

Our core global backbone and platform are fully geo-redundant and each central cluster of our network is connected to at least three others, with automatic failover capabilities in place.

Choose the VoIP Interconnection That
Fits Your Needs

Software-Defined Cloud Connect

Create a private VoIP interconnection to Voxbone from your cloud provider

software-defined cloud interconnect

Access the Voxbone platform directly from any cloud provider, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Our global connectivity provider Megaport is interconnected with all major cloud environments and provides private paths into our network from hundreds of locations around the globe.

Software-Defined Direct Connect

Interconnect privately with Voxbone from your site infrastructure

software-defined direct interconnect

Establish a dedicated remote VoIP interconnection from your network to the Voxbone platform via our global connectivity partner. Enjoy the best mix of bandwidth, security and quality with a dynamic, adaptive and private path into our network that allows you to flex your bandwidth needs on demand. Connect from 500+ locations around the world.

Physical Direct Connect

Private fiber interconnectivity with the Voxbone platform

physical direct interconnect

Establish a dedicated physical cross-connect to any of the data center environments hosting the Voxbone platform, for the best possible quality and security. Our fully geo-redundant core infrastructure is colocated in Digital Realty, CoreSite, InterXion, Equinix, HKColo and NextDC data centers.

VPN Connect

Build a secure tunnel to the Voxbone platform over the internet

VPN interconnect

Configure a virtual, encrypted IPSec VoIP interconnection from your site infrastructure or cloud environment to the Voxbone Platform over the public internet, for a quick and cost-effective means of interconnecting without sacrificing security.

Public Connect

Interconnect with the Voxbone platform over the internet

public interconnect

Set up a public point-to-point VoIP interconnection from anywhere in the world with internet to the Voxbone platform. The quickest, most cost-effective means of interfacing with our services.

Oded Gal

Setting up and delivering voice services is a fast, easy and reliable process. We don’t need to worry about the high costs or complications of traditional telephony with Voxbone in our corner.

Oded Gal,
Chief Product Officer, Zoom

Setting Up Fully Redundant

To successfully send and receive calls on the Voxbone platform with full redundancy, make sure to allow traffic through the following IP addresses and RTP ranges so that we can route your calls through any of our core network locations if required.

To optimize the outbound calling experience, we provide an Anycast solution that enables outgoing traffic to be routed automatically, via a single IP, through the nearest and most relevant core network location. This lets us deliver a more localized call experience with dynamic route optimization, load balancing and redundancy across our network.

Location Colo Inbound Signaling
IP Address
Outbound Signaling
IP Address
RTP Range RTP Port Range
Los Angeles CoreSite LA1 10000 – 24000
New York Digital Reality NYC1 10000 – 24000
Brussels InterXion BRU1 10000 – 24000
Frankfurt Equinix FR5 10000 – 24000
Hong Kong HKColo 10000 – 24000
Sydney Equinix SY3 10000 – 24000
All (Anycast) N/A N/A N/A 10000 – 24000

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