Send Fax-to-email Messages With VoxFAX

VoxFAX is a white-labeled inbound fax-to-email service that uses Voxbone's DID Numbers (Direct Inward Dialing). Fax messages to these telephone numbers are converted from PSTN to TIFF or PDF and are then transported to anywhere in the world over Voxbone's intercontinental private IP backbone. The service is available for geographic and national phone numbers from more than 50 countries.

Fax messages to these numbers that originate from fixed telephone networks are converted to VoIP (T.38) by a VoIP/media gateway. The fax is then routed via redundant IP links to the nearest SuperPoP in Brussels, New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt or Hong Kong. From there, it is routed to Voxbone's geo-redundant fax server cluster, where it is converted to PDF or TIFF.

VoxFAX reference implementation

Voxbone fax-to-email service provides a reference implementation (RI) for the HTTP callback mechanism in order to facilitate a quick and easy integration of VoxFAX. This RI is written in PHP and can be used for rapid development of customized fax delivery services by adapting the code below. 

Download VoxFAX Callback Reference Implementation

  • Inbound fax delivery via HTTP and SMTP
  • 50+ countries supported
  • PDF, TIFF and custom formats
  • White-labeled API integration
  • Flat rate (no per-minute fees)
Fax-to-email Flowchart