VoIP Emergency Calling 112/911 & Local Toll-Free Calling

VoxOUT is Voxbone’s outbound calling solution that offers instant access to local emergency services as well as the possibility to call local toll-free numbers. VoxOUT enables VoIP providers to move the entire enterprise telephony to the cloud by eliminating the need for a local PSTN line only to make calls to emergency numbers or toll-free numbers.

VoxOUT Emergency makes it possible to call the emergency services from a VoxDID phone number

It is a regulatory obligation for all telecommunications providers to offer end-users the ability to dial 112, 911, 999 or any other emergency service access number. VoxOUT is the smart solution for full regulatory compliance. When VoxOUT is enabled for a VoxDID, its local address will be stored in our database. If an end-user makes a call to the emergency service, Voxbone determines the location of the end-user from its address database and looks up the corresponding local emergency service center assigned to this location. Voxbone then delivers the call to the local PSTN, on which it is routed to its destination. 

  • Access to all local emergency numbers
  • Access to local toll-free numbers
  • Enables regulatory compliance
  • Activation per number
  • Bulk provisioning possible
  • Flat rate
  • Interconnection shared with inbound services

With VoxOUT Toll-free, call a local toll-free number 

Enable VoxOUT Toll-free and offer your customers the possibility to integrate toll-free calling into their enterprise telephony system. VoxOUT Toll-free makes it possible to call local toll-free numbers directly from your VoIP desk phone. 

VoIP Emergency Calling Flowchart