Global Call Capacity Sharing Through Our SIP Trunks

Voxbone's SIP trunks, called VoxTRUNK, are the network capacity that has to be purchased in order to receive calls on DID Numbers or toll-free numbers. Each channel allows for one concurrent call. Voxbone's SIP trunks or channels can be managed in a very flexible and efficient way at global level.

Channels are available in four different pricing zones: zone A, B, C and world. Each zone A, B and C groups multiple countries around the world. Call capacity in each zone can be shared by VoxDID and Vox800 phone numbers from countries within the respective pricing zones. Within these pricing zones, Voxbone allows customers to create virtual groups of numbers and to limit their capacity usage. This feature, known as capacity groups, allows customers to define the maximum number of concurrent calls amongst numbers belonging to that group.

Short term temporary capacity

While VoxTRUNK call capacity is designed for long term use, Voxbone also offers a short term call capacity service to deal with foreseeable burst of traffic resulting from holidays, events or promotional campaigns. This service allows you to purchase extra capacity on short notice without any commitments. Short term call capacity can be requested for the majority of countries in Voxbone's coverage; however, it is dependent on the spare call capacity we have available at the moment of your request. Please contact our Sales Team to obtain more information on availability, terms and conditions.

  • Global call capacity sharing
  • Increase capacity in 24 hours
  • Manage capacity online and in real-time
  • Create sub-groups of numbers and capacity
  • Short term temporary capacity
SIP Trunks (VoxTrunk) Flowchart