Meet the V Team

  • Itay

    The chief, master of comms and cloud for nearly 20 years. A software and BD guy from Cisco with startup experience in Silicon Valley, Israel and India, Itay joined Voxbone in 2012.

    Strangely simple fact

    Whether for workouts or work, Itay thrives on Mission Impossibles. Like the movies, he travels the world. Taking on CrossFit boxes instead of crime.

    Itay Rosenfeld

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Stef

    A maestro in the mysterious arts of finance and business control, Stef learned his trade with telecoms and logistics firms KPN, TNT and DHL before coming onboard in 2012.

    Strangely simple fact

    No strings attached? Then it's not for Stef. He loves guitar, bass and best of all, lute. For jamming with his Renaissance band. No, really.

    Stef Konings

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Gaetan

    Our resident stats man and a certified communications whiz, Gaetan worked for the likes of Alcatel-Lucent and Bain & Company before enlisting with Voxbone in 2009.

    Strangely simple fact

    Crazy about travel, Gaetan often gets from A to B by way of X, Y and Z. Like when he flew Aeroflot from Brussels to Benin… via Moscow, Malta and Freetown!

    Gaetan Brichet

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Shachar

    Joining the V Team in 2017, Shachar's a tech-geek to the core and brings +10 years of experience in senior executive roles, scaling up digital tech companies from inception to the growth stage and beyond.

    Strangely simple fact

    So fond of K-dramas that she's learning Korean, Shachar is also a huge sci-fi fan. Expect an East Asian space opera from her any day now.

    Shachar Radin-Shomrat

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Anva

    With her finger on the pulse of Voxbone's regulatory requirements since 2007, Anva previously helped shape the European Commission's Digital Single Market policy.

    Strangely simple fact

    Raised in a bilingual household before starting one of her own, Anva often changes language in der mitte eines satzes.

    Anne-Valérie Heuschen

    VP Corporate Affairs

  • Dries

    The man with the plan for Voxbone's products and services, Dries joined the big V in 2011 after strategizing for Mobistar, Greenwich Consulting and several smart startups.

    Strangely simple fact

    Loves wearing his groovy Austin Powers suit at every occasion, whether it's a costume party or not. Call him Dries “Danger” Plasman, baby!

    Dries Plasman

    VP Product Management

  • Dirk

    Another of Voxbone's class of 2012, Dirk has 17 years on record as an IT and telecoms brainbox. He's consulted on IT architecture, projects and programs for a range of telcos.

    Strangely simple fact

    Dirk's passionate about cycling, mainly so he can stay passionate about beer. More specifically, brewing his own.

    Dirk Hermans

    VP Research & Development


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