Energize your enterprise communications

  • Port in your numbers for uninterrupted comms

    Enjoy frictionless porting of your existing phone numbers to the Voxbone party using our automated tool, so you can maintain continuous lines of communication with the outside world.

  • Achieve regulatory zen with Emergency Access

    You don't need a legacy landline or complicated on-site gateways to keep users safe and your communications compliant. Ensure calls are always delivered to the relevant public safety answering point based with this location-based service.

  • Go deeper into the markets that matter

    Bin the PSTN with our fully localized domestic calling capabilities for national dial plan access, local caller ID and Best-Quality Routing in the most important markets across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and beyond.

  • Global access with a single SIP connection

    Enterprise-grade voice and messaging services in the countries you need them through a single two-way SIP connection. Scale to new markets instantly, without the need for any further configuration.

More corporate telephony use cases

  • Bring your own Unified Communications

    Run your Unified Communications platform over our SIP-powered voice and messaging layer to cut your costs by as much as 63%, while unlocking added functionality and maintaining full control over your comms.

  • Migrate to the cloud at your own pace

    Migrate to the cloud at your own pace

    Digital Transformation (DX) doesn't have to be difficult. Our SIP-powered communications can be run in parallel with legacy systems, so you can unlock greater efficiencies from on-premise hardware and roll out cloud-based services at your own pace.

  • Free up resources by consolidating in the cloud

    Global communications via a single contract and one monthly invoice, managed remotely using our powerful platform and APIs. Free up your IT, legal and finance teams to do more productive things with their time.

"Voxbone’s portfolio of numbers and related support, as we expand into data centers in Europe and Asia, will greatly enhance our ability to satisfy the growing demand for 8x8 services and phone numbers outside of North America."

Mehdi Salour, Senior VP of Network Operations and DevOps, 8x8

Build the corporate telephony solution that's right for your business with Voxbone

  • Long-term stability & quality

    Long-term stability & quality

    - Licensed operator delivering fully compliant services

    - Direct connectivity close to the source with interconnection options to suit your quality and security requirements

    - Services and APIs that can be easily integrated into any platform / application

  • Compliant & secure service

    - Secure 2-way calling deliver via VPN, TLS and SRTP encryption

    - Local regulatory expertise in all markets where we have a presence

    - Full compliance with national data retention schemes for call detail records and GDPR

  • Pain-free business continuity

    Pain-free business continuity

    - Full control of your inventory for real-time redirection

    - Automatic PoP failover meaning you are always connected to our core platforms

    - Failover from IP to PSTN available on demand via portal or API

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