Global VoIP Network: Enabling Worldwide Reach

Voxbone operates a private global VoIP backbone – the world's first and largest backbone dedicated to voice origination services. In 2014, Voxbone's private global VoIP network carried 4 billion minutes of voice traffic. The network consists of two tiers: SuperPoPs and CollectPoPs.

In its CollectPoPs, Voxbone collects traffic from the local PSTN network. With inbound SIP trunks from more than 60 countries, Voxbone interconnects directly with one or more local network operator to guarantee high quality coverage for its wholesale DID numbers.

In its SuperPoPs, Voxbone hosts switching and routing equipment and collects traffic from all CollectPoPs. Voxbone routes traffic to customers over a private interconnection in a SuperPoP or over the public Internet.

All PoPs on the Voxbone network are interconnected with fully meshed dedicated links from several global Tier 1 IP carriers. These links are over-provisioned with bandwidth to ensure loss-free packet transmission. All critical systems on Voxbone's network are configured in georedundant active/standby pairs for immediate and stateful failover in case of failure.