Life at Voxbone

They say variety is the spice of life. And life at Voxbone is very spicy indeed. We're proud of our cosmopolitan outlook and the international flavor of our team. As specialists in global domination through communications, it couldn't be any other way.

Strangely simple principles

  • Keep it weird

    Solving insanely complex stuff needs creativity, imagination and a touch of weirdness. We have the bravery to explore fresh solutions — however weird and wonderful.

  • Aim for remarkable

    We go to ridiculous lengths to make things better. How can we make things faster, smarter more effective? Good enough isn’t good enough.

  • Delight through details

    Magnifying glass and fine tooth comb at the ready, we always look for opportunities to surprise and delight.
    Think small – it’s the little things that everyone remembers.

  • Do the right thing

    Our reputation is everything. So we always stay honest, above board and crystal clear. We put the work in where it matters - it pays off where it counts.

  • Obsess with easy

    We relentlessly pursue simplicity. Cutting away the unnecessary, leaving lean, seamless experiences that people love.

  • Strive for smiles

    We care deeply about what we do but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We get a kick out of making our clients’ and colleagues’ days just that little bit better.

"At Voxbone, I'm encouraged to find unconventional, creative solutions to the daily challenges of my job. We each have our own responsibilities but there's a great sense of collaboration."

Pon, Finance team

Company benefits

  • 1

    Stimulating workplace

    Generous health insurance and pensions... top tech such as phones and laptops... a Voxbone number for personal use… wellness schemes unique to each office including food, drinks, yoga and massage.

  • 2

    Socials for every team

    Two company-wide socials a year plus regular DIY team events. Paintballing, escape rooms, rafting, cookery classes, Voxbars – or anything else you can think of!

  • 3

    Tasty fun, for a cause

    The rumours are true. We brew our own delicious beer. It's the star of the show. Better yet? Proceeds go to La Fleche, an orphanage doing great work!

  • 4

    Passport to the world

    With offices around the world – our newest is in Hong Kong – there's ample opportunity to travel. London's currently on the move. Check out our swish new home.

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