Simple Pricing that Works at any Scale

Communication needn't be costly or complex. Pay-As-You-Go pricing, scaling discounts, one global contract without hidden fees or long-term commitments. Total clarity. What's not to love?
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With Great Power  Comes No Responsibility

With Great Power Comes No Responsibility

Forget about being held to long contracts or monthly commitments. Pay only for what you use with our pay-as-you-go pricing model and cancel at just a month’s notice.

Do you sell cloud communications services to your customers? We offer greater assurance at scale with our Pay Monthly tiered discounts. Get in touch to learn more.

Discounts That Grow With Your Usage

Discounts That Grow With Your Usage

As your voice and SMS usage grows, our flat rates for phone numbers and per minute prices fall. So the more you use, the cheaper it gets. Pricing designed with your interests at heart. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Scaling discounts apply for both direct customers and resellers. Want to see how much you could save? Contact us today.

Voxbone was a clear choice among leading API comms providers. It supports us in our mission to enable customers around the world to exceed their sales goals multiple times over.

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

We offer a straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing model for enterprises. This metered model is refreshingly simple, you only pay for what you use. Some restrictions apply.

There are absolutely no minimum commitments (MMCs), setup fees or hidden costs on our pay-as-you-go model. Some restrictions apply.

As long as you want it to be! We ditched fixed-term contracts for pay-as-you-go customers because they stopped making sense. You can cancel our pay-as-you-go plans any time with just one month’s notice. Some restrictions apply.

Not with pay-as-you-go pricing. It’s completely usage-based remember? So you pay your monthly number rental plus a low per-minute fee for the calls you make or receive.

Got 100 people calling your phone number at once? Multiply the per-minute rate for receiving calls by the total number of concurrent calls, et voilà! You now know your total usage cost. Some restrictions apply.

With the Voxbone platform, you can receive local calls in 65+ markets and international calls from anywhere in the world, all delivered directly to your network via our globe-spanning, carrier-grade voice and media backbone.

Low per-minute fees for receiving calls cover the cost of the bandwidth required to deliver your call traffic flawlessly.

We still offer these options where they make sense.

For communications providers embedding our services into their offering, flat rates for bundles of call capacity (“channels”) and minimum monthly commitments (MMCs) are great tools for forecasting spend and saving money when dealing with huge amounts of call traffic.

No power-ups, hoop jumping or box-ticking required. Simply go about your business and, as your usage grows, we’ll apply lower number rental and per-minute fees automatically.

It depends on your security and connectivity needs. We offer a range of interconnection options, from affordable connections over the internet to premium private dedicated connections. And nearly 500 locations across 200+ countries from which you can securely plug into the Voxbone network. Learn more about Voxbone Connect.

No setup fees and hidden costs means we’re totally upfront about charging for number porting requests. Others might absorb this cost into their per-minute pricing but we think it’s better to be completely transparent about what you get for your money.

This fee helps us provide automated tools and APIs for submitting requests, and cover the cost of the admin required to deliver them.

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