Aircall Takes Shortest Path to Global Scale

Voxbone's APIs and worldwide, compliant coverage have helped Aircall rapidly scale its cloud phone systems to 60+ markets.

What’s the most efficient path from A to B? It’s a question communications providers are obsessed with. Everything from call routing to the rollout of coverage in new countries can be boiled down, at least on some level, to this fundamental concern. It’s a question to which Aircall has found a compelling answer, aided by its partnership with Voxbone. And as a result, it has managed to grow its business significantly in a short period of time, reaching customers in new markets and building additional features for its phone system.

Founded in 2014, Aircall is committed to creating a phone system “for modern business”. Today it delivers on that claim in a big way. The provider has solutions for corporate telephony and contact centers that span numerous devices and ecosystems, enabling more effective collaboration. Features include interactive voice response, intelligent call routing and call center analytics. It also offers a range of integrations with leading platforms, including CRMs such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Zendesk.

That’s quite a journey from A to B in just five years. Pierre-Baptiste Béchu is Co-Founder and CTO at Aircall, and PB to his coworkers. He characterizes Aircall’s mission as taking care of voice for customers, so they can stay focused on their business. Summing up Voxbone’s role in the journey, he says:

“Without Voxbone, we wouldn’t have been able to go worldwide so fast. We would have developed our product in a few countries, perhaps 10 or 20. But not 60. Not in this time frame. Thanks to Voxbone’s compliant coverage, we have been able to increase the number of countries we can reach by 3-5x.”

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Self Service and User Friendliness

Such rapid product growth is testament to Aircall’s winning proposition, which is to make phone support as easy for businesses to manage as any other workflow. Paul Rousselle, Strategic Product Manager at Aircall, explains: “Some of the key added values of Aircall are our focus on self-service and user friendliness.” This is why the company expresses its mission as one of closing the gap between its customers and theirs.

For such an approach to be successful, it is imperative that any underlying communications infrastructure can be provisioned in a way by Aircall’s customers that doesn’t undermine the company’s USP. “The ability to provide phone numbers to our customers quickly in many geographies is absolutely key to these attributes,” says Rousselle.

For Aircall, Voxbone’s strength is how easy it makes taking their business to new markets and scaling on a global level. “To have one provider enabling worldwide reachability is a massive advantage for us,” says PB. “We are able to provision phone numbers all over the world with one API standard. All with a single contract. This helps us turn our attention back to our core business.”

Building a Winning Communications Stack

Aircall’s platform is designed to easily integrate with business’s favorite tools and CRMs, including Slack, Zapier, Intercom, Salesforce, Zendesk and Hubspot.

The company’s focus is on its platform and customers, so it doesn’t need the added hassle of building and maintaining its own telephony layer thanks to the integration between CPaaS solutions and providers like Voxbone. As a company at the forefront of cloud communications, Aircall is well aware of the benefits that integrating a trusted SIP trunking provider into its CPaaS can bring, as opposed to using the bundled telephony layer.

This is what is typically meant by BYOC, or Bring Your Own Carrier. Aircall can effectively bring Voxbone’s cloud SIP trunks and phone numbers – plus everything that they represent in terms of coverage, compliance and stability – directly to its CPaaS and integrate them in minutes.

“It was easy to get set up,” said PB. “On day one we got things up and running and we haven’t had to touch the configuration much since then.”

By using a trusted telephony provider, Aircall can continuously deliver its customers stable, compliant coverage, allowing them to establish a local presence in more markets and rest easy knowing the service is reliable in the long term.

Aircall team

APIs for Greater Control and Faster Rollouts

For Aircall, the real magic of Voxbone’s offering is in the APIs we offer that allow for otherwise arduous tasks to be automated with a few lines of code and surfaced to their end customers via their own platform. “We use the APIs so that our customers can instantly provision Voxbone phone numbers all over the world,”  says PB.

“We can also dynamically configure phone numbers across locations and services.” This is a favorite feature of the Aircall team. “Being able to set codecs, voice URIs or PoP locations, for example,” explains the CTO. “It helps us to streamline management of the service.”

“Number porting is something else we’ve been doing since the start,” he says. “It’s a great advantage to Aircall to be able to port existing customer phone numbers into the global Voxbone network, which standardizes how we interconnect with other carriers”

5x Coverage Growth

Aircall continues on its mission to provide modern business phone functionality with as little pain as possible. Their service is available on any device and integrates with leading CRMs and call center software. This ease of setup and use is why their customers love them and why the company’s platform was ranked as the best Call Center Software by GetApp in January 2019.

At the cornerstone of their offering is the ease and speed with which they enable businesses to deploy IVR phone systems, call centers and advanced calling functionality and analytics for sales and support teams. Voxbone supports Aircall by providing API-powered telephony integrated directly into the CPaaS on which their platform is built. Our global coverage has helped them scale their communication solutions rapidly to new markets, increasing the speed of their rollout by a factor of 3-5x. And the compliant nature of our phone numbers means they trust us to provide voice access to their customers, safe in the knowledge that our services will be available when they need them.

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Without Voxbone, we wouldn't have been able to go worldwide so fast. Thanks to their compliant coverage, we have been able to increase the number of countries we can reach by 3-5x.

Pierre-Baptiste Béchu
Pierre-Baptiste Béchu
Co-Founder and CTO, Aircall