Zoom Turns Up the Dial on Conferencing

The company's customers are dialing in on success with the help of our international phone numbers

Zoom Dials ‘S’ for Success

Zoom helps teams to reach common goals, whether they’re in the same office or halfway around the world. So if you join a meeting from your laptop, handheld or conference room hardware and you’ll get a consistent, high-quality result. The video conferencing platform integrates with tools like Slack, Marketo and Zendesk. It’s a Swiss Army knife of cloud communications tools. And because Voxbone supports the company with international dial-in numbers, it has extended its reach in 56 countries.


Zoom has best-in-class reliability. It can operate optimally even with 45% packet loss. But in areas with poor reception and weakW-iFi, meeting quality degrades. This is why toll-free phone numbers are a trusted method to connect. When companies like Zoom offer their users phone numbers from São Paulo to Kuala Lumpur, they enhance trust and reach more customers. But how can this be done without huge costs?

Toll-free phone numbers for conferencing


Voxbone Voice helps Zoom give international customers a way to dial into conference conference calls a world away without having to pay. Because of our instant allocation of numbers and high-quality service, Zoom users enjoy the flexibility they need when they’re on the go. And our pricing lets Zoom’s customers talk as long as they need to, without the company worrying about out-of-this-world fees.

Zoom in on Success

Zoom is all about speed and convenience. With a few keystrokes, you can instantly invite a coworker to a Zoom meeting. And the best part is it doesn’t matter about your preferred device. Because a communications platform that works like magic needs a provider that delivered services quickly and efficiently. After signing with Voxbone, the company enjoyed instant allocation of 100% compliant and consistent dial-in phone numbers in 56 countries. As a result, more people can join in the conference call fun.

Voice services for meetings providers

Partnering with Voxbone means that setting up and delivering voice services is a fast, easy and reliable process. We don’t need to worry about the high costs or complications of traditional telephony with Voxbone in our corner.

Oded Gal
Oded Gal
Chief Product Officer, Zoom